Empowering Philly youth to unleash their gifts and take action to spark positive change!

Empowered Uth program runs from June - September 2018. Focused on:

  • building relationships, 
  • growing in confidence, 
  • overcoming personal challenges, 
  • rewriting narratives, 
  • developing new skills, 
  • speaking up and 
  • taking action. 

Limited to 20 young ladies age 13-18 years old. First come, first served. Meeting Locations will be held at Our House Culture Center, 6380 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia PA 19144. More details will be communicated with families that apply. REGISTRATION CLOSED.

Parents must register their child. A completed application and fee are required for program participation. This program extends over several months and attendance is mandatory to ensure the greatest impact. Thanks to the generosity of our funding partners Black Women Give and Legacy of Love Foundations and I Choose To Win fundraising initiatives, this program is FREE for the first 20 program participants.  

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Together, we win!

We meet up, connect and get to know one another. Then, we explore one area of our lives to become a change agent, amplify our voices and execute action steps in favor of living victoriously. It's time for our youth to WIN. First, they must choose. 





Connect w/ other young women

Explore their gifts, talents and strengths

Amplify their voices to speak confidently and be heard 

Execute one action item on their journey to win 


Empowered Uth seeks to empower the ideas, contributions, voices and thought-leadership of youth girls and teenagers in the areas of their gifts (strengths, talents, passion). We want these young ladies to possess a positive narrative about their life and their contributions in their communities, so they can be the game changers, difference makers and change agents the world needs. 

Through the Empowered Uth program, we aspire to teach vision board planning, activate use of their imagination, assess self-love and acceptance, evaluate love for others, explore gifts, strengths and talents, define for themselves what a winning life looks like and support at least one action item towards embarking upon it. 

With clearly defined action steps, we hope to make a positive difference in the lives of these young women, so they may be impactful in edifying and empowering their peers, building a sisterhood of women who win: lifting others as they climb. 

GOAL: We want each young lady to initiate ONE major action step aligned with their personal definition of winning.

It's time! We must win in our minds.

We will teach our young ladies strategies when faced with the hindrances, barriers and obstacles that often get in the way of victorious living, such as fear, doubt, negative self-talk, apathy, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy and insecurities. We will offer a refreshed narrative so they realize their personal power and reach their greatest potential. We focus on experiential learning, which requires action!

It's time we see ourselves differently.

Our hope is that the young women we impact see themselves as capable, prepared and properly equipped to embark upon a life where they are fully engaged, confident in their decision-making and intentional in their action steps toward 

the life they envisioned.

Program Breakdown + Components

The initial cohort of young ladies meet at a retreat to get to know one another (team building), explore their gifts, talents, strengths (introspection) and openly share their own barriers to winning (narrative and behaviors). Then, program workshops and action items for the duration of the 12-week program are customized based on the information gathered from the young ladies during the retreat weekend. 

2-day Retreat





 No Longer Accepting Applications.


We would like to thank our partners in this program:  




Once we invite a new, positive, life-affirming narrative, we will embark upon living out that narrative through intentional action steps. Young ladies will have a firsthand account of every  concept we teach through real-life application. 


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